lost property in taxi

Lost Property

In Taxi Passenger by PSV

An Garda Síochána is responsible for lost property handed in by SPSV operators. If you lost your phone, wallet, or any other valuables in a taxi, you can follow the advice below.

  • Taxi was pre-booked

    Call the taxi company and asked them to get in touch with the driver.

  • I've hailed the taxi

    Call your local Garda station with the printed taxi receipt details, and ask the Garda to contact the driver on your behalf. contact numbers

  • Got the Taxi at a Rank

    Follow step 2 above. If unsuccessful, return to the taxi rank and describe the car and/or driver to other taxi drivers. They may know your driver and contact him on your behalf.

  • Any Scenario Outlined Above

    Call your local Garda station with any information you have, and ask if your item(s) have been handed in.