Lost Property

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Taxi Passenger | 0 comments

An Garda Síochána is responsible for lost property handed in by SPSV operators. If you lost your phone, wallet, or any other valuables in a taxi, you can follow the advice below.

  1. Call the taxi company and asked them to get in touch with the driver.
  2. Call your local Garda station with the printed taxi receipt details, and ask the Garda to contact the driver on your behalf.  Click here for Garda stations contact numbers


Other advice you may consider

  • Got the Taxi at a Rank? – Follow step 2 above. If unsuccessful, return to the taxi rank and describe the car and/or driver to other taxi drivers. They may know your driver and contact him on your behalf.
  • Any Scenario Outlined Above – Call your local Garda station with any information you have, and ask if your item(s) have been handed in.
  • Get a printed receipt – ALWAYS get a printed receipt. It comes in handy when you need to track the driver. Authorities can contact the driver on your behalf if you provide the information on the receipt.
  • If you lost your phone – you should try calling your number asap. The driver will most likely answer and arrange to return your phone.
  • What seat did you occupy?  – The driver is rarely aware of items left behind his/her seat. Regulations advise drivers to get out of the car after each journey and check the cab. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen to often due to impracticability.
  • Call the Garda again – It may be worthwhile to ring your local Garda station few days later later, as the driver might not hand the item(s) in immediately after it has been found.