Looking for high quality taxi door stickers? We supply and fit taxi door signage as same day service. We have been approved by the NTA (National Transport Authority) for the supply and installation of taxi door signage required for vehicle license renewals and vehicle changes since January 2013.

Book Online or by Phone

We take taxi signage fitting bookings either by phone or via the online booking form. To book by phone, please call us on 01 473 3331 or 01 473 2380 during office hours.

Why have thousands of taxi drivers chose us?

approved taxi door stickers branding

  • Our taxi door branding staff, are PE certified level 5
  • We invested in the most up to date 12 color high-end digital print machine
  • We use calendered digital vinyl for all taxi door stickers we supply
  • We apply techniques that minimize graphic shrinkage
  • You can notice our signage decals top quality by the sharp crisp printed  edges, and color depth
  • Our taxi door signs are extremely fade resistant
  • We have always offered better prices and deals
  • We have fitters in Cavan, Cork, Dublin South Side and North Side, Galway, Portlaoise, Louth, Sligo, and Waterford
  • How does is work?

    1. You present your vehicle to the location of your choice
    2. We install taxi sign on your vehicle in aprox 20 minutes

    – Fitted as per NTA requirements on front door and passenger door
    Note: While we take all necessary precautions, we can not accept responsibility if  paint damage occurring due to removal of old stickers!

  • What does it comprise of?

    • Approved shape & color (see image above) semi-permanent decal
    • Vehicle’s roofsign (licence) number imprinted
    • Transport for Ireland logo imprinted
    • Choice of the word “TAXI” or “Tacsaí” imprinted
  • How much does it cost?

    • Stickers on both sides: €60
    • Sticker – one side: €35
    • Old sticker removal (if applicable): €30
    • Stickers when purchased with meter-printer package: from free
    • Stickers when purchased with meter-printer-roofsign package: from free
  • Did you know?

    • None of our stickers ever caused a SPSV suitability test failure
    • We fitted more taxi stickers than any other supplier