Vehicles licensed as taxis (SPSVs) must satisfy a number of roadworthiness and suitability criteria. We know its hard with the new regulations but we can help we provide a free visual inspection and if anything is wrong we can fix and repair it at very competitive prices. Let us pre-inspect your taxi, and identify any faults and problems that may result in failure of the SGS suitability test.

What We Check

We check if your safety kit contains the following:

  1. A fire extinguisher that complies with EN3 standard, as shown on its label; is in date; and is stowed safely in the vehicle.
  2. A first aid kit that complies with DIN13164 standard or with the Health & Safety Authority’s recommendations.
  3. A high-visibility reflective safety vest that complies with EN471 standard, as shown on its label.
  4. An advance -warning triangle, E-marked to 27R standard.
  5. A torch.
We check if the following information is displayed in your vehicle:

  1. The appropriate passenger information.
  2. The National Maximum Taxi Fare sticker ( must be displayed on the sun visor or in a highly visible position in the front passenger area)
We check if your vehicle has:

  1. A valid certificate of insurance stating the vehicle regis number and specifying that the vehicle is covered for use as an SPSV
  2. Your insurance cover will be confirmed on the day of inspection / assessment with reference to your insurance disc

Note: The insurance must be in the name of the vehicle owner and the licence holder.

We check for the additional suitability requirements for wheelchair accessible taxis and hackneys:

  1. Capacity
  2. Access equipment
  3. Signage
  4. Technical Assessor’s Report
A pen and paper to help you communicate with passengers who have difficulty understanding you or making themselves understood.
We check if your vehicle is listed in the approved vehicle list ( see Initial Suitability Manual and the Model Report Database)
For most vehicles, the age limit is ten years. There are exceptions and other factors to take into consideration. Let us verify your vehicle’s age compliance.
There are additional suitability requirements for limousines like:

  1. Type of vehicle
  2. No advertising
  3. Assessor’s Basic Report
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Model Report Database 22/12/2015
Buying a car to use as a taxi? Check the car makes and models listed below, to see if the car you buying qualifies as a future taxi.

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