Better Than Taxi Rental

Partner with us and get the best deal: We operate a comprehensive passenger transportation service, providing drivers with fully-equipped taxis complete with insurance, access to a dedicated taxi app, and payment processing solutions. Our model emphasizes a partnership approach, where we equip drivers with the essential tools and support they need to efficiently serve their passengers. This collaboration ensures that each vehicle is part of a well-maintained fleet, prepared to meet the needs of modern urban mobility.

Online Taxi Shop

Ireland’s most comprehensive online shop for taxi related products and accessories. From taxi meters, printers and roofsigns, to roofsign plugs, panels, end-caps, LED’s and everything in-between. Order online and collect or get it delivered anywhere in Ireland.

Car Repairs & Servicing

Car problems? We provide all car maintenance and repairs from car service to engine rebuilds and everything in-between. We also stock tyres, brake pads and other quick-replace car parts.

Taxi Door Branding

We are  authorised supplier of taxi branding signage appointed by the National Transport Authority as part of the implementation of Action 31 of the Taxi Regulation Review Report published by the Government in January 2012.

  • Door sticker quality 100% 100%
  • Workmanship 100% 100%
taxi branding official

Auto Repairs Specialist

If you thought we only fix taxis, you’d be wrong. Since 1980, we specialize in auto repairs, general mechanics, all engine transmission types, electrical problems, oil change, car servicing and any repairs your vehicle may need!

  • Car Service – From €49
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Auto Electrical Repairs
  • Crash Repairs
  • Towbar Fitting
  • Window Replacement
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Car Recovery / Towing
  • Tyre Fitting

Convenient Location

The Taxi Hub

The Taxi Hub is the place where we publish helpful articles for taxi drivers, passengers and industry newcomers.
  • Useful articles for new taxi drivers
  • Useful advice for taxi passenger
  • SPSV vehicles related articles
  • Useful taxi driver advice
  • Deals for taxi drivers
  • Industry forms
  • Industry related contacts
  • Freebies
  • The Taxi Magazine