Noel Byrne Auto Electrical

Noel Byrne Auto Electrical

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Taxi Products

Some of Noel Byrne Auto Electrical’s main products:

MATTIG Drive 2 LCD Taximeter
MATTIG Drive 2 LCD Taximeter
  • Sharp LED display.
  • Back lit mode operating button.
  • Automatic summer/winter time changes.
  • Automatic adjustment for leap years.
  • Fixed and non fixed holidays programmable up to ten years in advance.
  • 8 time levels for day/night/ weekend/Sunday/holiday, etc. with 8 different selectable rates.
  • Parallel billing of time & distance.
  • Tariff programming Via optical interface without having to remove the meter.
  • Rate changes in only 8 seconds.

Viking 5 Mirror Meter

Viking 5 Mirror Meter
  • Up to 50 tariffs, with up to 5 up/down lifts per tariff
  • Clock calender control. (with semi-auto and 7 seater options)
  • Five years guarantee
  • 3 set of driver accounts, with a Pin number for each driver.
  • This Taximeter is approved to be used anywhere in the UK & Europe
  • Auto shutdown to save power.
  • Printer & Data outputs
  • The PCB is Conformal coated to DEF-STAN 59/47

Other taxi meters

Wanna see other taxi meters? Click the prompt button to visit the PSV taxi shop and buy online or order by phone.

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