Street Angel Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR)

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Listed price is for taxi forward facing and rear or passenger facing cameras system , and includes fitting. For other vehicles or more complex camera system configuration please contact us.

This advanced camera solution provides a powerful reporting device to deliver valuable video FNOL, Driver and vehicle data where and when it’s needed, allowing you to manage your fleet efficiently and effectively.

The data received can also be used for insurance purposes due to the advanced SSL encryption, providing your company with an effective evidence, enterprise management and location monitoring tool.

In the illustration, we have shown the forward facing Street Angel camera, with our optional camera hub and 1 AHD cameras, in this instance a passenger monitoring camera.

You may require different locations and cameras for your specific requirements, our Street Angel camera can support a maximum of 2 AHD camera channels and 2 monitor outputs via the optional hub.

This solution consists of the following;

1 x Street Angel
1 x Camera Hub
1 x AHD 720p 1.3mp Internal dome with IR
Built in 3G, WiFI and Bluetooth modules
FNOL – First Notification of Loss
GPS for vehicle location – Track and Trace your fleet
Real time Driver score card
24/7/365 Automated Crash detection filtering
CHC – Camera health check technology

The Most Advanced Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) on the Market

NO SD Card, Multi-Channel, Full HD, SSL Encryption, Real Time Reporting, Instant Notification (FNOL), Remote Configuration Management & Much More …

With escalating insurance fraud and the increasing need for visual evidence,we have developed the Street Angel, – The Most Advanced Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) available on the market.

Most vehicle cameras use SD cards which are prone to failure, Street Angel has an onboard 128GB memory, removing this risk, the camera records in Full HD quality and has multi camera capability, the data is SSL Encrypted providing secure Reporting and Instant Notification of Loss

Street Angel has many unique features including; Remote Configuration Management and Camera Health Check technology, Inbuilt 3G, Wifi & Bluetooth modules ensure the information is sent swiftly and securely to our intuitive online portal and mobile app.

Furthermore our Automated Crash Detection & Filtering algorithms ensure you only receive the most relevant information, Street Angel provides instant results allowing you to manage your company’s reputation, improve driver behaviour, defend against fraudulent insurance claims, and reduce 50/50 disputes.

Automated Crash Detection & Filtering

With our Automated Crash Detection & Filtering you will only receive the most relevant information to your requirements.

Furthermore, our CHC (camera health check) technology ensures that if there is a problem you will be notified immediately.

With our solution, you will see instant results allowing you to manage your company’s reputation, improve driver behaviour, comply with the latest insurance requirements, and reduce the amount of time taken to resolve disputes.

Vehicle Camera technology can significantly modify driver behaviour which in turn reduces fuel costs and the potential risk of accidents. Should an accident or incident occur, our products can provide court admissible evidence and protection against fraudulent claims and false accusations of driving offences.

By working directly with insurance, haulage/transportation firms and motor fleet operators we can provide them with a key enhancement to their overall risk management strategies.

Features and Benefits

3G, Bluetooth and WiFi – Connectivity providing multiple ways to receive your information.
128GB Internal Memory – Immediately stops the problem of SD cards failing and provides at least 5-7 days of footage depending on vehicle usage.
First Notification of Loss Management (FNOL) – Allowing immediate claim intervention with event data analysis
Scalable up to 3 Cameras – FORS and CLOCS Compliant
Instant Event Video Upload & Video Request
Track and Trace your fleet – Simply and easily via our online reporting platform
CHC – Advance Camera Health Check Technology & Notifications
Real-time Driver Behaviour Score Card
Full HD – Quality video from all 3 channels
Advanced Automated Crash Detection & Filtering Technology
Full Reporting Suite with Export Capability – The data management portal reporting and access configuration
SSL Connection – Our Full Encrypted End-to-End Data Management ensures that your footage and highly sensitive data is kept secure and protected
Remote Configuration – The camera is remotely configurable allowing sensors to be adjusted without the need to take vehicles off the road.
Parking Mode – Actively watching when the vehicle is unattended and ignition is off
Audio – Built in Speaker and Microphone