Need to rent a taxi ? is Ireland’s largest taxi rental company. We have a large fleet of cars and vans. We also provide low cost fleet insurance. All our taxis are in adherence with the National Transport Authority Rental Agreements and have passed the NCT and taxi suitability test.

We offer short and long term taxi rental deals. You can rent only for the weekend, or until your own taxi is getting repaired, or indefinitely. NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!

electric taxi rental

Why choose PSV for taxi rental?

  • 24/7/365 free towing in case of breakdown
  • Replacement car always available, so you don’t lose work
  • Low long term rental deals
  • Most often our fleet insurance is lower that your own
  • We have our own mechanics on stand-by if repairs needed
  • We have largest variety of taxis for rent

NTA Requirements for Taxi Rental

When does a rental agreement apply?  – Any vehicle licence holder deemed to be a rental operator will be responsible for notifying the Authority (NTA) when each rental arrangement is first put in place, if it changes, and if it is terminated early. A rental notification is required for each vehicle that is rented. A rental agreement is one in which the rental operator receives payment for the use of the vehicle and vehicle licence.

Insurance requirements (renting out) – The vehicle licence holder renting the vehicle for operation by another person must provide appropriate insurance for the period for which the vehicle is to be rented or leased to such other person. To comply with this obligation, the insurance policy will generally be in the name of the vehicle owner/licence holder. However, in certain cases other arrangements, such as use of a fleet policy in the name of a company owned by the vehicle owner/licence holder , will be acceptable provided that it continues to be the vehicle licence holder who is providing the insurance. The provision of insurance by the driver will not comply with the regulations.

Insurance requirements (not rented) – A rental agreement is one in which the rental operator receives payment for the use of the vehicle and vehicle licence. If the vehicle and vehicle licence is not rented (i.e., if there is no payment for the use of the vehicle and vehicle licence ), either the vehicle licence holder OR the driver can provide the insurance.

Requirements for renting out a vehicle – Rental operators will be required to comply with and maintain records for the following:

  1. Details of the rental operator
  2. Details of vehicle to be rented
  3. Details of person renting the vehicle
  4. Confirmation of insurance cover provided by the rental operator
  5. Period of the rental.

Nationwide Taxi Rental Companies

  • Rent A Taxi – City House, Newmarket, Dublin 8
  • Irish Taxi Rentals – Marine Court Centre, Malahide, Co. Dublin
  • Ozone Cars&Cabs – Bluebell Business Park, Old Naas Road D12
  • Dublin Corporate Cabs – Ballymount Industrial Estate, D12
  • Bobo Motors – Ballyboggan Road, Dublin 11