Breakdown cover Ireland and Northern Ireland for all cars, all drivers.

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If you’re in need of assistance, call our dedicated call center any time, and a recovery operator will be with you asap!
From Ireland: 0180 443 28 | From Northern Ireland: 010 443 28

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  • Home Start
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Punctures
  • Network of Recovery Agents
  • Breakdown Cover for Ireland + NI
  • No Mileage Restriction
  • Continuation of Journey
  • Towing
  • Dedicated 24/7 Call Center
  • Any Driver

A Lot of Breakdown Cover, for Less

Here we explain exactly what you get with your breakdown cover membership. And that’s a promise!

We change the punctured/damaged wheel with your spare wheel.

We tow your vehicle to a location of your choice.

Home start
If the car won’t start for whatever reason, we will attempt to get your car started. We call it home start, but we attend to your vehicle at any location, not just outside your house.

Roadside assistance
We will attempt to fix your vehicle at roadside. If unsuccessful we will tow you to a location of your choice.

Nationwide cover
We attend to the road rescue anywhere in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Saving you money
A single car breakdown recovery can cost you upwards of €50. With our breakdown cover, you get 3 call-outs for only €23!

Network of Recovery Agents
We are part of a nationwide network of approved auto-recovery operators, so there’s always a recovery truck near you, wherever you are.

Mileage Restriction
Once you vehicle has a valid NCT, your vehicle is covered irrespective of how many miles are on the clock.

Continuation of Journey
In the eventuality of a breakdown, passengers will be accompanied to the their nearest destination. You wont get left stranded.

Dedicated 24/7 Call Center
When you call our dedicated call center on the operator will dispatch the nearest recovery team available.