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Vehicles Suitable for Taxi

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The information and data contained in this guide is intended to assist taxi and hackney licence applicants in complying with licensing conditions. This listing does not apply to wheelchair accessible vehicles or to local area hackney vehicles. The figures provided are indicative only and may vary based on the specification of a particular model. Model change year splits are approximate: care should be taken to understand which model version/generation is being considered. For example where two vehicles share a model name across a production run of several versions the age splits indicate the version and you should familiarise yourself with the differences. By way of example the early version Kia Magentis has a boot that is too small whereas the later version is acceptable: thus the age splits are indicative of when the model versions changed only.
Since 31st January 2013 all vehicles (at Change of Vehicle) are required to have clear windows: most privacy glass will not meet this condition.
This is a constantly evolving dataset and the National Transport Authority is not responsible for any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of sole reliance on the information therein. All vehicles are still required to pass the relevant suitability inspection prior to being granted an SPSV licence.