Attend our taxi driver training course and greatly increase your chances to pass the SPSV Test. We are involved in the taxi industry since 1980 and we are up to date on all rules and regulations. Our course is designed to teach explain in plain English all the required knowledge for the test.

99% Pass Rate

When we say that your chances to pass the test are highly increased, we really mean it! Learn why our course is different:

    • Tuition in plain English
    • Purpose dedicated classroom

    • Friendly tutors
    • Concise *2 Day course

    • Touch screen test simulations practice
    • Real taxi meter operations practice

*You are NOT restricted to the 2 day course. You can attend as many times you need. Additional fee of €25/day applies.

Competitively Priced

While we have the capability to provide the highest technical tuition available, our prices are LOWER than other SPSV taxi driver test training courses.

Area Knowledge


only €25 if you already completed a full training course
  • Area Knowledge
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SPSV Regulations


only €25 if you already completed a full training course
  • SPSV Regulation Training
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